Wednesday 13 November 2019

'It was uncomfortable to watch' - Bizarre Voice performance ignites judges ire

**Possible Spoiler Alert**

Clare Cullen

A bizarre performance on the Voice Ireland has led internet commenters to agree with Jamelia.

Jamelia described the performance as '"uncomfortable to watch" and questioned if the work ethic "was off".

The two very different singers found it difficult to work together and the Dagan Vickers struggled with the song which was too high for his range.

Kathryn Thomas noted that Jamelia's face throughout the performance was "absolutely priceless".

Vickers ultimately failed to impress the judges and despite performing the 'splits' in an effort to regain favour was sent home.

Bressie was not impressed with Vicker's antics, insisting "stop with the mouthing, man, gets you nowhere."

Watch the performance here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Reddit commenters have sprung to the singers' defence, stating "he definitely can sing and is a talented musician."  but conceding that on the day, nerves got the better of him. "In the context of the TV studio, away from his guitar and comfort zone in key and style, it was laughably bad."

Vickers commented on the YouTube video of the performance, calling it "sh*te".

"me especially! very pitchy indeed. This is edited a lot also. fair play paddy you deserved it."


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