Wednesday 11 December 2019

Is this the greatest penalty shootout of all time?

Or just the greatest football spoof?

Steven Larkin

Scott Stirling is a goalkeeper so tremendously skilled that he can save penalties with any part of his body.

Forget Packie Bonner and Ireland versus Romania in 1990. Dismiss Jerzy Dudek for Liverpool versus AC Milan in 2005. The most impressive feat of goalkeeping you are ever likely to see is Yale Bulldog's Scott Sinclair versus North Carolina.

After reaching the peak of perfection saving with his hands and feet he seems to have decided to make penalty shootouts more of a challenge, opting to use nothing but his face.

This he manages to repeatedly and with a grim determination so often missing from the modern game of football.

This clip may be a comedy sketch from the guys over at BYUtv but judging from the ten million views it has already gotten in one week maybe football fans would appreciate a bit more steel from today's players.

For more from BYUtv check out their YouTube channel:





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