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Irish singing dog 'Robbie Williams' receives 'good luck' message from the singer himself

An Irish dog named after the singer Robbie Williams has received a message from his namesake, wishing him good luck in his budding career.

Robbie, a Zuchon dog who lives in Tipperary, loves to sing along as his proud owner Clóda Scanlon plays the piano.

He even participated in her preparation for the Leaving Certificate music exam.

And now he's receiving praise from singer Robbie Williams himself.

"Good luck Robbie," the former Take That singer tweeted after he saw a video of the dog singing on this website.

Owner Clóda said Robbie's favourite performances are with the piano.

"Robbie's favourites are when I play the lively piano ones just like in the video," she told Independent.ie.

"He is called after the singer Robbie Williams, no doubt he has the musical qualities.

"I'm trying to train him to howl/sing along to songs," she added.

Robbie, who is one and a half in human years, also appeared in Clóda's video 'Thinking Out Loud' which features on her Facebook fan page called Clóda Scanlon.

Watch singing dog Robbie perform with Clóda as she plays the piano in the video above.

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