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Innocent Smoothies apologise following 'Ireland, you are DEAD TO US' Eurovision tweet



Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothies

A British brand of smoothie drinks has apologised to Ireland after getting 'too far into Eurovision for our own good'.

Whoever mans their official Twitter account is clearly a big Eurovision fan as they were tweeting relentlessly throughout the final on Saturday night and got a little excited over the voting.

When Ireland did not award the UK any points in the voting, they tweeted, "Ireland, you are dead to us."

While some people saw the funny side of their off-the-cuff reaction, others took offence, and the brand apologised profusely and deleted the tweet.

They wrote, "Sorry about this one, guys. We got far too into Eurovision for our own good. Big love to Ireland."

After another Twitter user showed them a screengrab of the deleted tweet, they added, "Hello guys. We deleted it because it was rubbish of us. We'll keep the apology up though. Sorry again"


Replying to another tweeter who questioned their comment, they said, "We were reacting to the TV and obviously not thinking clearly.  Really sorry for being idiots."

Some were unwilling to let them off the hook.

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However, just as many appreciated it was a joke.


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