Sunday 8 December 2019

'I'm not having fun!' - Kristen Stewart hates the Whisper Challenge

Clare Cullen

Jimmy Fallon played the popular 'Whisper Challenge' with actress Kirsten Stewart and the competitive actress did not enjoy losing.

The 'Whisper Challenge' is a game popular amongst YouTubers, who often team up with other YouTubers to play.

The challenge involves one party wearing headphones while the other says a 'random' phrase. The person listening to loud music on the headphones must then guess what the other said via lip-reading.

While playing with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, actress Kirsten Stewart took some time to warm to the game.

"I'm really competitive!" she laughed after she failed to guess the first sentence Jimmy read from a cue card.

Handing over the headphones she said "I'm not having fun!" before adding "I'm only joking".

Television shows in America have been making a splash on YouTube in recent years, with 2015 seeing possibly the most aligned television strategies so far. Late night talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corben have been embracing social media and creating stand-alone pieces of content designed to go viral, resulting in series 'celebrities read mean tweets' and 'Car Karaoke'.

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