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Huge Miley Cyrus fan asks singer to prom with naked YouTube video


Matt Peterson, a huge Miley Cyrus fan from Phoenix, Arizona, has posted a video where he pays homage to some of Miley's most talked about moments, including being naked in the Wrecking Ball video.

Peterson begins the video by recapping his "history" with the singer.

In 2009, Miley was being interviewed on radio and Peterson was picked out of "a crowd of screaming girls" to meet the singer in person. He cried throughout, to which Miley responded "You're going to make me cry now!"

Six months later, during a performance in her Wonderworld show in Glendale, Arizona,  Miley stopped to say hello to Peterson. "I have a friend in the audience.. I recognise you!" Peterson also added a clip of his excited reaction, where he can be heard crying "Miley just talked about me. Miley just talked about me!"

He then proceed to ask Miley to come to his prom, hoping that she would have an answer "by the time your Bangerz tour comes to Arizona on February 27th".

Peterson started to ask Cyrus the big question while dressed in a 'Team Miley' tshirt, the same one he wore when meeting her for the first time. He stopped, saying "this doesn't feel right". He finally popped the question naked, while covering his manhood with a foam finger- made notorious by Cyrus during last year's VMA performance. He ended the video with Miley's trademark pose, by sticking out his tongue.

Peterson reassured the singer that should she "not be a slow-dancing type of gal", that he goes "to a public school" and "grinding is allowed".

Peterson is trying to get Miley to see the video by asking viewers to tweet the video to the singer with the hashtag#MileyProm.

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