Wednesday 13 December 2017

Homewrecker penguin fight over cheating 'wife' shocks the internet

Penguin fight video by the National Geographic Credit: National Geographic
Penguin fight video by the National Geographic Credit: National Geographic

Mark Molloy

Forget dramatic soap storylines for entertainment, wildlife programmes are clearly where all the real action is at.

Warning: Contains graphic footage

The internet has gone crazy over footage of a brutal penguin love triangle captured by the National Geographic Channel for its new Animal Fight Night series.

A cuckolded penguin completely flips out in the clip after coming back to his nest to discover the mother of his children has moved another penguin into their home.

The cheated penguin, stunned by his cheating wife’s antics, then challenges the male rival to a fight, but comes off second best in a bloody brawl.

“Every September, 200,000 penguins come here to fix up their nests and breed. Life here is good, but this husband has come home to find his 'wife' with another penguin,” the narrator explains.

“He flips out; his strategy is simple, batter the homewrecker until he flees. Most birds have hollow bones in their wings to make them lighter for flight, but penguins don’t fly, their wings contain solid bone. They use them like baseball bats to club each other, delivering up to eight blows per second. Thick blubber helps protect vital organs from the pummelling.”

The bloody brawl racked up almost half a million shares and likes in less than 48 hours and now parody penguin Twitter accounts have also gone viral.

@wifepenguin, @husbandpenguin and @homewrecker penguin accounts have attracted thousands of followers since the drama began.

Wife Penguin tweeted: “I see that people are already calling me a h-e without hearing my side of the story.

“Cut the long story short, my husband kept cheating and coming home late at night and this dude was always there for me when I was cold.”

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