Sunday 26 May 2019

Heartstopping footage: Experts forced to wrestle endangered shark in order to save it

Australian news channel 7 News aired a segment chronicling a daring rescue by local sealife experts. The clip has since gone viral with thousands of views overnight.

Local divers spotted an endangered Grey Nurse shark tangled in a cord, cutting into her gills like a noose. The young shark was having difficulty breathing and would have died if not for the daring rescue.

A team of divers from the Sealife Sanctuary and Aquarium worked together to get the shark to the surface to receive attention from the vet.

The injured shark had to be gently and carefully wrestled into a stretcher in order to be transported to the surface.

The vet, Rob Jones, cut the cord and removed it from around the shark's neck, followed by a shot of antibiotics to prevent against infection.

"If we hadn't intervened, I have no doubt that it would have died".

Watch the daring rescue by the brave team above.

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