Sunday 18 March 2018

From face palm to glass of milk - the top 7 emojis we've been waiting for (and the 7 we didn't need)

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

There are already 1,601 emojis in existence, but you're about to get 72 more.

Among them there's a clown, shrug, face palm, and a pregnant woman.  There's a rhino, and gorilla, which would have come in handy this week, as well as bacon, and a shallow pan of food.

Some are more useful than others so here's our rundown on the top 7 new additions, and the 7 we could have really done without...  (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all 72 new emojis)

The best:

Nauseated face


How many times have you tried to tell someone you feel sickened by something only to be forced to spell out the actual words?  No more.  There's a 'nauseated face' emoji on the way.  We prefer to call it the 'puke' or 'vom' emoji.  Very useful.

Lying face


How else are you going to articulate how you feel about your local TD?  Or your 2-year-old toddler who swears he didn't eat the cake despite wearing it on his face?  Or the fact you just cannot wait to start work today?

Face palm


Kim Kardashian exists.  Face palm.  John Carney lets loose on Keira Knightley.  Face palm. You've glued your eyelids together.  Face palm.  Your colleague keeps saying 'Pacific' instead of 'specific'.  Face palm.  So many, many uses.


Raised back of hand


All Saints, Nike Air Max, grunge - the 90s are back, so we're told by the fashion and music industries, so let's bring back 90s favourite, 'Talk to the hand (cos the face ain't listening)!'


Person doing cartwheel


Because there's always so much to celebrate in life!


Clinking glasses






'Selfie' was declared word of the year in 2012 so, whether you love em or want to strangle everyone who takes em with their own selfie stick, they're here to stay and you'll use this emoji more than you'd care to admit.


And the ones we don't need and never asked for...

Rolling on the floor laughing


We already have crying laughing.  It's the same sentiment is it not? 


Stuffed flatbread/shallow pan of food


Okay, we know Bake Off and Saturday Kitchen and myriad other foodie programmes have taken over television and our lives, but really, stuffed flatbread?  Just write 'stuffed flatbread'.  Also, how can you tell it's a 'shallow' pan of food?  And why is that so important to convey in an emoji?




This may well come to replace the humble aubergine for those who have been using that particular vegetable as a visual metaphor for male members but... aside from that, it doesn't quite resemble any cucumber we've ever seen.  It's too short, and fat is it not?  With... spines?




Yes, the Olympics are looming but how popular is fencing? The events will take place over the course of a few days and, unless you're a fencing fanatic or fond of making obscure fencing references, this emoji unlikely to be used ever again.  Space waster.


Glass of milk


Now, saucer of milk we would understand...


Mother Christmas


Just, why? 


Cowboy hat


Nathan Carter fans may well approve.  Or Garth Brooks fans.  Or anyone into country music.  Texans perhaps.  The rest of the world, not so much.


Here’s the full list of 72 new emojis:

Rolling on the floor laughing, Cowboy hat, Clown face, Lying face, Drooling face, Nauseated face, Sneezing face, Prince, Mother Christmas

Emojis which show when you've lost your false teeth or hurt your back could be coming to mobile phones soon

Man in Tuxedo, Shrug, Face palm, Pregnant woman, Man dancing, Selfie, Hand with index and middle fingers crossed, Call me hand, Left-facing fist


Right-facing fist, Raised back of hand, Handshake, Black heart, Gorilla, Fox face, Deer, Rhinoceros, Bat


Eagle, Duck, Owl, Lizard, Shark, Shrimp, Squid, Butterfly, Wilted Flower


Kiwi, Avocado, Potato, Carrot, Cucumber, Peanuts, Croissant, Baguette, Pancakes


Bacon, Stuffed flatbread, Egg, Shallow pan of food, Green salad, Glass of milk, Clinking glasses, Tumbler glass, Spoon


Octagonal sign, Scooter, Motor scooter, Canoe, First place medal, Second place medal, Third place medal, Boxing glove, Martial arts uniform


Person doing cartwheel, Wrestlers, Water Polo, Handball, Fencer, Goal net, Juggling, Drum with drumsticks, Shopping trolley


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