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‘Florida man wrecks liquor store, blames it on caterpillar’ - Florida Man Challenge has some hilarious results



It's Friday so if you haven't already indulged in the madness that is the Florida Man Challenge, now is the perfect time.

The challenge involves minimal effort - simply type 'Florida Man' plus you birthday month and day, 'October 6' for example, into your favourite search engine and check out the result.

There are many, many hilarious, crazy, and dark news reports about men in Florida. 

Some of the headlines are deliberately obtuse, some are brilliant in their simplicity, but one this is for sure, Florida is not a boring place.

One of the reasons why there are so many of these crime reports is down to the fact that all government records in Florida are public records, unless there's an exception.

This means it's very easy for news outlets to gain access to details on suspects and crimes, which is not the case in many other US states.

Of course, others would argue that Florida simply has a larger population of interesting characters.

Whatever the reason, it's highly entertaining. Here are some of the results shared on Twitter:


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