Tuesday 23 January 2018

'Fat child on plane' from Nicole Arbour's video revealed as blogger who claimed to be involved in previous 'fat' controversies

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A blog writer claiming to be the 'fat kid' in the anecdote Nicole Arbour used in her "Dear Fat People" viral video has been revealed to have claimed similar things before.

The man claiming to be the fat child from Nicole Arbor's controversial "fat shaming" video has been revealed as a writer who previously apologised for "confusing" people with claims he was involved in a number of weight-related controversies online.

Tony Posnanski explained his blog post by saying "I write for my audience...not for clicks. This was on a Kinja blog, not my own. And it was early in story".

"I wrote it because I got a letter from a reader hurt by it. The post was never to shame Nicole. Everyone else did that. I never got vicious and attacked her online. Others did".

"We are not lazy or smell like sausages or ride in carts...and if we did it is no ones business".

Posnanski  says he did not write the post to mislead readers.

"On my FB page I put 'Would you believe I was the fat kid'".

In October 2014, Posnanski wrote a blog post entitled 'I Was The So-Called “Fat Man” On That Jetstar Flight', one year after an open letter from Syndey blogger Rich Wisken to Jetstar went viral. In the open letter, Wisken calls the passenger that sat next to him a "infant hippopotamus” that "stinks like sh*t".

In his reply, Polanski wrote in detail about the flight and his experience with Wisken, but revealed that the blog post was merely inspired by the letter he was "so appalled" by. At the time, he apologised.

“I don’t want to be known as a liar, I apologise about that, but at the end of the day, I feel I tried my best".

“I didn’t realise the magnitude of the post. I have to edit the blog post, it’s not fair, it was never meant to confuse people.”

He tweeted at the time: "The sad part is no one every asked me about why i wrote my last post. Shame".

Nicole Arbour took to her Facebook page to say that Posnanski's recent claims were "just hilarious".

The video, which Arbour claimed was "everything you really wanted to say to fat people", declared that "fat people made (fat shaming) up" and told a story of Arbour having to sit next to "Jabba the kid" on a plane.

Writing on the blog, 'Tony Posnanski' claimed that he was that kid and that the "fat family" she spoke of was his.

"Around 4 minutes and 30 seconds of your video, you talked about a very “fat” child that you had to sit next to. He smelled like sausages, and you had to put the armrest to separate the fat from your seat. Then you claimed you had to hold the fat with your hands while we were flying. And after that you looked at the child and said “make better choices”.

I was that child and that was my family".

Posnanski wrote that Arbour had "humilated" him.

"You humiliated me by yelling and screaming about my weight.... You wanted to make me feel ashamed".

"You did not even know that on that day I hit my 10 pounds lost mark that day on the plane".

"I have and will always continue to struggle with my weight (but) I will never lose weight because of your horrible words".

"Congratulations on going viral. I am glad it came at the expense of making fun of my family… and me".

Posnanski lost over 200 pounds to become a weight loss challenge leader.

"I write about a lot of different weight loss topics. I try to write about my past experiences.

What I write helps me out a lot, and I think it helps others. The biggest thing about weight loss is that we should all know we are in this together.

We struggle, but knowing we all struggle makes it easier".

Posnanski writes for the AntiJared.com and his own blog TonyPosnanski.com.

In 2007, Posnanski, who weighed 420 pounds, began to lose weight. He called his blog AntiJared.com in reference to the Subway Sandwich healthy eating campaign fronted at the time by 'Jared The Subway Guy'.

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