Friday 13 December 2019

Fake proposal staged to dump 'cheating' girlfriend viewed ten million times

Clare Cullen

A video of an allegedly cheating girlfriend being set up with a fake proposal has been viewed over 10 million times since it was posted just over one month ago.

The video shows a man set up an elaborate fake proposal in his girlfriend's home, sprinkling glitter around the house and lighting candles up the stairs.

He explains to the camera that she thinks they are heading off on holiday the next day where he will pop the question in front of the Northern Lights. He shows her flat "to prove there is no damage anywhere".

When his girlfriend returns from work, he leads her to the bedroom, which he has decorated with glitter and small lovehearts. Included in a box on the bed is a small ring box with a Haribo ring inside.

He asks her to read first one letter which is long - he says, "to stall her" - and then to open a second heart-shaped card, which reads 'I have one question for you'. Inside the card the question reads "who the f**k is (man's name)?"

The man then runs from the house and closes the front door. Having left a house key in a wrapped box on the bed, he locks the front door and places his own key through the letter box before driving away.

"As you can see I've driven away, no damage, no fighting, nothing. I've not caused any damage to her house, I've just dropped her, and I've finished it in fashion".

Singing into a brightly-coloured sex toy he sings "that's what you get for cheating on me".

He finished the video saying "I hope you've enjoyed the show, because for me and her, this is the end. Thanks for watching".

The video has been viewed over ten million times since it was uploaded on November 27th.

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