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'Exceptionally good' 10-year-old mastering the uilleann pipes is massive hit online

A video of a 10-year-old boy mastering the uilleann pipes after playing them for just two years has proven a hit online.

Cian Smith was recorded playing the pipes after he won the U12 Uileann Pipes and Tin Whistle Competitions in Sligo.

Proud teacher David Power spoke to Independent.ie and described him as 'exceptionally good'.

"Cian is from a family of musicians and is very dedicated. Music isn’t a chore for him. He practices every day for the pure love of it," Mr Power said.

"He is exceptionally good, not just because of his age, but for his technical ability."

Mr Power said the term 'child prodigy' can be a 'bad thing if the child is not guided in the right way'.


However, he said Cian has a very supportive family who keeps him grounded.

"He starts back to school next week and is like any normal child, but he does have a huge hunger to learn more," Mr Power said.

"He has hundreds of tunes and is always asking for more. I have that pressure to help feed his appetite, and I will do the best I can.

"He has already performed at a number of events in his own locality and his talent is being nurtured naturally.

"Friends of mine would say that Cian is my mark II of a former student of mine Caoimin O Fearghail, who won TG4 musician of the year and is now playing music around the world.

"He has the talent and love of music to get as far as him if that’s what he wants to do," he added.

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Mr Power said he is 'very proud' to be Cian's teacher. 

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