Sunday 26 January 2020

Employers respond to quit video with interpretative dance hiring video

Clare Cullen

The employers of the now-infamous employee who quit via an interpretative dance video have responded with their own parody to announce they're hiring.

In an unexpected twist, the employers of Marina Shifrin, who went viral with her quitting dance video, have created a parody. Their video follows the same format, of employees dancing all around the office, but features multiple employees having fun with one another and highlights some perks of working for the company not included in Marina's video. (Like the rooftop swimming pool and sauna!)

The employer New Media Association, which specialises in Taiwanese news animations on YouTube, announce at the end of the video that they are now hiring.

The response is a lighthearted, funny response and has already gained over 200,000 views on YouTube.

In somewhat of a contrast to this approach, Marina's boss Mark Simon wrote to Gawker to respond to Marina's claims in her video. In the letter (which can be viewed in full here) he says "I actually like Marina a great deal. Marina herself has said we are a great company to work for, and I do not think she intended to hurt anyone, but it has happened. "


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