Wednesday 17 July 2019

Did social media drive a wedge between the 'Wozzilroys'?

Clare Cullen

The sudden split of two avid tweeters with a seemingly 'perfect' relationship has left their followers wondering what happened.

Caroline Wozniacki (23) and Rory McIlroy (24) appeared, from a glance at their respective social media accounts, to have the perfect relationship.

The duo would tweet and Facebook every moment of their relationship, from climbing to the top of the Sydney tower to what they had cooked each other for dinner.

Rory, no retiring flower in the social sharing department, was put to shame by Wozniacki's Twitter and Facebook posting - sharing almost every detail of their private life together. In particular, one such photograph was rumoured to have sparked one of their splits - when Wozniacki tweeted an unflattering photograph of McIlroy asleep with the caption "Jetlag? lol".

The much-publicised couple also discussed each other regularly in interviews, with Wozniacki being quoted as saying she wanted to retire from tennis early to be a 'young mother'.

Could the pressure of such a highly-publicised relationship have been the final straw for the two, who have dated on and off since 2011?

From looking at their Twitter accounts, the two did everything together. They supported each other at sporting events, went to concerts and even worked out together.

It wasn't unclear that the tennis ace had big plans for her relationship with the golfer, even referring to Rory in tweets as her dogs "daddy" and making jokes about the "Wozzilorys" from an early stage.

Not to be outdone, Rory shared intimate pictures of gifts from his fiancé and snaps of their feet while they cuddled on the couch during quiet nights in.


See a full gallery of the tweets between the two sporting stars and let us know in the comments - do you ever think that people can be 'too public' with their private lives? Do you think that the public 'perfection' of their relationship could have put pressure on the couple?

Wozniacki and Mcilroy split recently and it has been reported that he was "spooked" by the wedding invitations which made him realise he was "not ready for all that marriage entails."

Wozniaki has over 600,000 followers on Twitter and over 1m likes on Facebook, while Rory has 1.9m Twitter followers but lags behind on Facebook with only 379,000 likes.


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