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Derry teen whose comments on frostbite went viral reveals X Factor plans

A Derry teenager's take on the snowy weather has gone viral.

Ruari McSorley (18) from Park Village was interviewed by UTV Ireland about the current wave of bad weather and his local accent has sparked bemusement amongst viewers across the globe.

Speaking to the Londonderry Sentinel the young comedian said, “I seen it all over the internet, surely. I thought I would have been just talking about it to a few auld ones outside of the chapel but sure there you go.

“There’s millions and millions of views. From America and all over - even Japanese. There’s a GAA Club in Tokyo who were on to me and everything. I might have to take a wee run out there to give them a wee visit."

Tongue firmly in cheek, he continued, "Sure, I’ve a cousin once-removed lives out there. There’s not too many boys in Park Village with cousins once-removed in Tokyo but sure most of my cousins need to just be removed from the family altogether.

“I’d love to go on the auld X-Factor but I cannae say I’m while good at the auld singing but sure what does that matter anyway. Sure if you’re just a bit of an eejit everybody would be on voting for you anyway just to annoy your man Simon Cowell.”

The UTV Ireland clip was posted to reddit.com last night and drew thousands of views.

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