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Could this be Ireland's unluckiest man... ever?

A Donegal man believes he is the unluckiest person in Ireland after he followed up an own point that cost his club a GAA championship final with a fender bender that cost him €2,000, a lost phone, wallet, two jackets and a few injuries to boot.

Stefan Connolly is convinced he is cursed as he also pulled a hamstring moments after his misfortune on the pitch knocked his club Ramor United out of a Cavan club championship.

The player’s big ‘moment’ on the pitch went viral last week and things have not improved for the 27-year-old - who has also lost his phone, two jackets, and suffered a twisted knee and ankle less than a week after the game.

 “I actually feel like I should go to bed and stay there until next September because I’m waiting for Jeremy Beadle to pop out at this stage,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“I’m laughing because if I didn’t laugh I’d cry, but inside I’m crying and wondering what I could have done in a former life.

“Next I’ll be struck by lightning if my current run of luck is anything to go by.”


Stefan Connolly (L) with former Ireland soccer star Niall Quinn Credit: Facebook

The Donegal man’s woes continued after he realised he had lost his wallet when he was out in Tesco.

Stefan’s misfortune began on September 13 during a Cavan club championship clash between Castlerahan and Ramor United. 

The corner back scored an own point in the crunch tie which they went on to lose – before pulling his hamstring.

Two days later a driver went into the back of his new car, causing thousands of euros worth of damage.

And when Stefan went out to drown his sorrows, he ended up losing his phone and two jackets.

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