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Cork pub taking job applications... but only on Snapchat


SoberLane pub in Cork has gone with a new-media approach to hiring new staff.

Owner Ernest Cantillion told the Irish Daily Mail that he has received applications with everything from cocktail making to juggling and first-aid demonstrations.

The Cork pub is the latest in a series of PR stunts to gain national attention through their use of Snapchat.

Snapchat first became infamous as the app teenagers used to send racy pictures but has, in recent months, expanded it's reach to older markets and new uses.

In particular, the addition of both the video and the 'chat' feature have widened Snapchat's user base, with brands and media organisations even jumping on board.

On using the app still somewhat feared for the possibility of inappropriate pictures, Cantillion added "some of them are ones that definitely wouldn't get you a job."

Our Social Media Editor, Clare Cullen, decided to submit her application - showcasing her coffee-making skills. Looks like we might have to find a new Clare!

Search 'soberlaneD4' on snapchat to apply.

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