Friday 23 August 2019

'Condom challenge' is the latest craze to take the Internet by storm

The original condom challenge
Credit:YouTube/David Mouson
The original condom challenge Credit:YouTube/David Mouson

Sarah-Jane Murphy

It requires more effort than planking and involves a similar amount of cold water as ice-bucketing did.

The 'condom challenge' is the latest craze to spread like wildfire on the net, filling our timelines with shaky homemade videos of people in their swimming gear.

The original video, featuring two men from Japan, has to-date attracted nearly 20,000 re-tweets and 276,000 views.


Imitations began in earnest after word of the new craze spread.

The challenge involves filling a condom with water and engaging the services of an assistant to hold it above the participant's head.

The condom is then gently dropped onto the challenger's head.

If done correctly the condom should wrap itself around the person's face and neck but remain intact, with no water being released.

The condom often has to be broken in order to separate it from the head leaving the challenger drenched.

Several participants have described the fun they had while carrying out the ritual.

However others have voiced concern about the new trend.

Some have pointed out that the water-filled condom, which is very heavy, could accidentally impede a person's breathing.

Jelani posted: "The #condomchallenge scares me so much. I feel like they are about to suffocate. It's so dangerous."

The Medical Daily website say that the Condom Challenge demonstrates that condoms “not being big enough” is never be an excuse not to wear one.

"Some Twitter users have started using #CondomChallenge to help raise safe sex awareness, because, they reason, if it can fit around a guy’s shoulders then it can most certainly fit elsewhere."

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