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Cllr Hugh McElvaney gets the Top of the Pops treatment

Last night's 'RTE Investigates' programme about standards in public office has been well received and has spawned several funny memes.

But this 'Macarena' remix feat. Cllr Hugh McElvaney of Monaghan County Council takes the biscuit.

McElvaney denies any wrongdoing despite being recorded on tape seeking £10,000 (€13,883) in return for his assistance.

The Fine Gael man's elaborate hand gestures and exaggerated physical movements fit perfectly with the rhythm of Los Del Rio's 1993 smash hit.


Hugh McElvaney

Hugh McElvaney

Hugh McElvanney

Hugh McElvanney


Hugh McElvaney

Mc Elvaney can be seen melodramatically rubbing the table, his voice uttering the immortal words "money and "sterling" over and over again.

He also delivers his catchphrase "loads of money" in time with the beat.

Who knows, maybe a career in pop music awaits.

He certainly wears as much gold bling as a chart-topping rapper.

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