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Charity refunds donation following 'motorboating for breast cancer' video controversy

YouTube channel 'Simple Pickup' have had their $2,000 donation returned to them by a breast cancer charity following the online outcry against the way in which they raised the money.

A video entitled 'motorboating women for breast cancer awareness' sparked huge online debate last week when it went viral on video-sharing website YouTube.

The video shows the boys involved in the YouTube channel 'Simple Pickup' pay $20 to charity for every strange woman that allows them to motorboat her. The channel, famous for their 'Drunk Times With Hot Girls' and 'Pick Up Girls' series, drew criticism for stating the videos goal was to "save the boobies".

The boys involved also uploaded a video of themselves donating the money to the charity. Following the outcry against the video, the charity in question contacted the boys and informed them that they would be returning the donation.

The reason for this donation has been attributed, in the above video entitled 'Our Donation Was Refunded' to "haters". There is no acknowledgement in the video of the concerns behind the controversy.

In the video above, it is also claimed that the video was removed. However, the channel has reuploaded the same video again to their channel, this time at a mere 73,000 views in comparison to the 4.6m of the original posting. The original video is also still online, just having been made 'private'- thereby retaining the view count in their overall ranking on the social network.

The group had promised to donate $100 for every 100,000 views the video received, totalling over $5,000. They have claimed they will donate a total donation of $7,000 including the refund of $2,000 and have asked their followers to leave suggestions as to what charity they should donate it to.

Fights have broken out in the comments sections with opinions split- some users are on the side of the uploaders, instructing the 'haters' to "grow up", and some are reiterating the issues with the original video.

When the video was posted, an Independent.ie opinion piece claimed out that sexualising the campaign for breast cancer objectified the women involved and was in bad taste, along with being counter-productive.

Other YouTube channels are jumping on the argument online. YouTube user IckleEllieRose pointed out that survivors of breast cancer who have undergone double mastectomies may not appreciate the video's sole focus being on the 'how great boobs are'. She also noted that the video had no information on breast cancer, and quoted commenters referring to their new levels of 'breast awareness'.

Watch the video below - (Warning: contains strong language and images).


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