Saturday 14 December 2019

Channing Tatum and Beyonce just ended 'Lip Sync Battle' for good

Clare Cullen

Yesterday the internet was alight with news that Channing Tatum had performed a 'Let It Go' lipsync dressed as Elsa from Frozen for the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle, but today it's been revealed he outdid even himself.

The 'Magic Mike' star dressed up in full 'Beyoncé' costume to shake what his momma gave him on the Lip Sync Battle stage.

Singing and twerking to 'Who Run The World', Tatum cut an impressive Beyoncé impersonation - until he was eclipsed by the Queen herself.

Towards the end of the song, Beyoncé herself walked out on stage, to which the crowd went wild.

It appeared Channing was the only person on stage expecting the move, with host LL Cool J and 'colour commentator' Chrissy Teigen in clear shock over the star appearance.

Tatum's wife Jenna reacting to Beyoncé's appearance
Tatum's wife Jenna reacting to Beyoncé's appearance

Tatum was competing against his wife, Jenna Jenna Dewan Tatum, and even she was blown away by Beyonce's surprise appearance.

Dewan Tatum whipped out her own 'Magic Mike' moves complete with drawn-on muscles, and Paula Abdul joined her on stage for her rendition of her song 'Cold Hearted Snake'. In the end, the trophy went to both, as the first ever 'co-champions'.

The head-to-head between man and wife was the season premiere of the second season of Lip Sync Battle, but we think they should just end it there as nothing could possibly top the Channings' winning efforts.

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