Tuesday 20 August 2019

Cannabis farmers arrested after €1.4m haul but Internet more concerned with 'shocking' health and safety

Clare Cullen

Cannabis farmers cultivating a crop worth an estimated €1.4m have been arrested by New South Wales police, but the internet are more interested in a picture of the duo's health and safety set-up.

A photograph of a 'nest' of cables unearthed in a cannabis sting is being shared widely online.

The find was part of a bust which saw over $2m worth of cannabis seized from a property in Sydney's South-East.

The 653 seized plants apparently paled in comparison, however, next to the giant mess of electricity cables powering the "hydro house".

After the New South Wales Police tweeted a photograph of the "extensive hydroponic set-up" from their official twitter account, the internet was abuzz with health and safety jokes.

They wrote: "This could literally be 'death by power-point'! Hydroponic cannabis set-ups are hazardous".

Twitter users responded with wry comments like "do the police have any leads?" and describing the find as "shocking".

Two men were arrested following the raid, aged 58 and 38.

Both men were charged with 'cultivating a large commercial quantity of a prohibited plant' and the older man was also charged with 'stealing electricity'. They were refused bail and are scheduled to appear at Central Local Court today.

A spokesperson for the New South Wales police force said that the "dangerous" cabling could have led to a fire.

The Telegraph is running a poll asking which of the two finds were more 'shocking'.

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