Thursday 19 September 2019

Bush and Obama got the giggles during Clinton's speech and the internet loved it

Bush whispers something to Obama as Clinton makes his speech
Bush whispers something to Obama as Clinton makes his speech
Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton. Photo: REUTERS
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

We wish we'd been a fly on the wall for this one.

As Bill Cinton made a speech at a benefit concert in aid of communities affected by hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey, George W Bush whispered something to Barack Obama and cracked him up.

As they stifled their giggles, it looked like Clinton was also struggling to compose himself as he addressed the crowd.

All five living former US presidents appeared together for the first time since 2013 at the concert and despite the seriousness of the reason behind it, there was a lighter tone to the event, with Lady Gaga also making a surprise appearance.

The moment garnered quite a reaction with everyone loving the moment between the former presidential trio and wonder what the hell Bush said to elicit that reaction...

Of course the moment also inspired some theories from TV personalities in the States.  Here's Stephen Colbert's:

And Trevor Noah on The Daily Show's:

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