Sunday 22 September 2019

Burger King’s new campaign to tackle bullying has people talking


A man punching a burger (Burger King/PA)
A man punching a burger (Burger King/PA)

Taylor Heyman

Burger King is asking customers if they’d rather stand up for a bullied child than a bullied burger in its latest advert.

Filmed in the style of a hidden camera show, the fast food chain ‘bullied’ a Whopper burger while a young teen was being bullied in the restaurant.

The aim of the experiment was to see who would intervene about their burger being messed about with, and who would step up to defend the child.

It is all in aid of National Bullying Prevention Month in the US, which raises awareness about the damage of bullying throughout the month of October.

According to, 30% of children are bullied each year in the country.

As the video begins to draw to a close, it looks like no-one is going to stand up for the boy, who is being teased and pushed around by other boys. However, then come two kind people who intervene.

According to the advert, only 12% of those in the restaurant stood up for the child being bullied, but 95% complained about their burger.

Reaction to the video was pretty unanimous online, with people sharing the video along with messages of hope.

Some called for other companies and institutions to take note.

Good job, Burger King.

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