Sunday 8 December 2019

Awkward, bizarre 'Come Dine With Me' blowup goes viral

Clare Cullen

The ending of the latest episode of Come Dine With Me UK went viral last night as Twitter users noticed a rather strange outburst.

Fans of the show began tweeting and soon, Twitter users who had never seen the show before were tuning in to see contestant Peter lose his composure in epic fashion.

Peter had reportedly expected to win the four-part competition and when the award was handed to competitior Jane, he wasn't happy that it had to take place in his own home.

Peter, who ended up coming last in the show,

"Dear Lord, what a sad little..

"You ruined my night completely so you could get your hands on the money".

"I hope you spend it on some grace lessons, because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck with no tyres on".

Jane let out a giggle at that point, beside two incredibly awkward-looking contestants, to which Peter said "Jane, just take your money and get off my property".

Adam Mastroianni (right) told Buzzfeed News "half of me wishes I would have stood up to him... half of me is glad that the clip doesn't include him berating me".

Adam told Buzzfeed that although it wasn't aired in the final episode, Peter went on to tell contestant Charlotte what he thought of her and then said to Adam "you’re funny, and it’s been a pleasure. Your food wasn’t great".

Adam, who is from the US, added that the show "will be one of the most fantastic memories I take home from my time in the UK".

The three contestants then drank champagne on the street to celebrate Jane's win.

There have been 37 series of the UK version of 'Come Dine With Me', alongside spin-off versions around the world.

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