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Air New Zealand unveils sexy safety video starring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models

AN airline has got into hot water after releasing an air safety video which also celebrates Sport Illustrated’s 50th swimsuit issue.

Now the Cook Island tourism board is the latest to come out in support of Air New Zealand's controversial in-flight safety video.

The full version of the Safety in Paradise video was released by Air New Zealand yesterday after criticism over its "highly sexualised" content when behind-the-scenes footage was put out last week.

It was filmed in New Zealand’s picture-perfect Cook Islands.

But a behind the scenes teaser about the video sparked controversy after it was released last week.

“My concern is that as a woman I get on a plane to go to a business meeting say — something serious — and I am confronted by women in bikinis in what are highly sexualized images. That jars,” Dr. Deborah Russell, a lecturer at New Zealand's Massey University, told the New Zealand Telegraph. “I want to be taken seriously but it seems that suddenly they are saying that my sexuality is all that matters about me."



But Cook Islands Tourism Corporation general manager Graeme West said the video gave valuable exposure for the islands

"It's not just about the international models, although they definitely add glamour," West said.

"The spectacular scenic shots of Aitutaki are also show stoppers.

The video showed local men, women and children in a typically good-natured, good-humoured and tasteful Cook Islands manner, he said.

Sport Illustrated models Chrissy Teigen, Ariel Meredith, Hannah Davis and Jessica Gomes all star in the video, and one of the original supermodels and three time Sports Illustrated cover girl Christie Brinkley, makes a cameo appearance.

Air New Zealand is known for its quirky safety videos. In October it released one called “Safety Old School Style” with Betty White.

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