Wednesday 23 January 2019

'A lad told the class he heard the boom of 9/11 - in Donegal' - people are sharing their primary school lies and they're hilarious

Pic posed by models.
Pic posed by models.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

What's a little white lie when you're trying to gain some status in the primary school playground?

We've all been guilty of telling the odd tall tale or two to gain a little kudos but when you're five it's sometimes difficult to know when you've crossed the line from believable to incredible.

Donegal native Shannon Dolan took to Twitter this week to ask people to share the little lies they told in primary school to "look class", revealing she "told the teacher I visited Thailand and another lad told the class he HEARD the boom of 9/11.  In Donegal".

She got a massive response with more than 9,000 liking her tweet and over 100 responses from people who told ridiculous lies and those who believed the ridiculous lies they were told. I mean, Of COURSE your best friend is actually Hannah Montana.  Here are some of the best:

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