Friday 24 January 2020

A Dublin pizzeria was asked to deliver a 'spare toilet roll' last night

Image: cxloe/Twitter
Image: cxloe/Twitter Newsdesk Newsdesk

There's no harm in asking, right?

Earlier this year, a Belfast chipper went viral for delivering Benylin Cold and Flu tablets to a customer in need, and it appears that there's no end to the lengths that fast food restaurants will go to for their customers.

Someone in Booterstown was clearly desperately in need of an extra roll on toilet paper on Thursday night, and added the request to the comments section of their Just Eat order to Firehouse Pizza.

Amused by the request, Firehouse employee Chloe uploaded a picture of the order receipt to Twitter, saying: "I'm screaming I love my job."

Alongside their meal deal for one, the customer wrote: "If you have a spare roll of toilet roll in the bathroom of the restaurant could you bring it please."

We can only imagine the type of requests take aways around the country will be receiving now thanks to these courageous customers.

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