Thursday 14 November 2019

11 Questions guaranteed to start an argument in Irish households

Clare Cullen

There are certain questions guaranteed to cause problems in Irish households. We've come up with eleven of the most obvious here - send us your suggestions to add to the list on Twitter.

1. Barry's or Lyons?

Don't talk about the war.

This also goes for 'King or Tayto?'


2. Are Jaffa Cakes a biscuit or a cake?

While not exclusive to Irish households, this one is pretty much guaranteed to cause a stir anywhere it's asked. On the bright side, if you're bored - instant entertainment.


3. Did you turn off the immersion?

"Do you know how much it costs?" And, If you react like this, the shouting follows you up the stairs - "You know they can EXPLODE?"


Did you turn off the immersion? on Make A Gif


4. Who's making the tea?

We love drinking it but it's a pain making it.


5. What's for dinner?

Your mother is going to make it - you know it, she knows it, but don't dare speak this truth out loud. "Why is it always me that has to make it, why don't you make it for once?"


6. Can I have a lift?

Normally this is responded to with a curt "What do you think I am, a taxi?"



7. Can I have a tenner?

For those of you still young enough to be asking your parents for money (or pretty much all of us - since 2008) this is usually met with "I'm not an ATM!"


8. Who's watching that sh*te?

Don't dare say this about the soccer. Or the rugby. Or any kind of of GAA.  Or the Late Late Show. Or even, (in some households), Fair City. In fact, the only acceptable TV to demean are RTE current affairs programmes with a stipulation that you then have to watch the whole thing, tweet about it and talk about it all week.


9. Did you unload the dishwasher?

Cue cries of "It's not my turn!"


10. Who are you texting?

Normally kept between couples, this question or even 'Who's that?' about new Facebook friends can lead to bickering.


11. Well?

This is a loaded question, usually asked in a tone that implies you will be wrong no matter what you reply. Do not answer 'What?' to this or it will kick off - Your best bet is to just say sorry and hope that solves whatever the problem is.



If you have any to add to the list tweet us!


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