Wednesday 26 June 2019

This is how the team will look in sixty years

Clare Cullen

Thanks to the new Snapchat update, the staff have been able to see into the future.

Among the features included in the new update are 'lenses', which allow you to alter your face in a number of ways.

Of course, the lens that allows you to 'make yourself old' was the most discussed in the offices this morning so we decided to see what the team would look like in sixty years or so.

Snapchat rolls out new update and paid features - but are your pics at risk?

We don't think we look too bad! Thoughts?

To use the new selfie filters, users place the phone on selfie mode, then hold down a finger on their face to make the options appear before snapping a pic. Users select one of the 'lenses' by selecting one from the row at the bottom of the screen.

In chat, users can now press and hold a chat to save it. Shared images will now appear as thumbnails which can be tapped to show in full screen.

Mark McConville, multimedia journalist
Mark McConville, multimedia journalist
Denise Calnan, journalist
Pól O Conghaile, Independent Travel Editor
Ger Keville, Editor of Independent Sport
Jane Last, Deputy Editor
Clare Cullen, Social Media Editor
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Cathal Austin, journalist

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See the full team below.

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