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This heart-warming snap shows how a photographer brought Christmas joy to one homeless James Bond fan


Martin enjoying Christmas dinner in front of the television Credit: Donal Moloney

This heart-warming image of a homeless man from Dublin’s city centre enjoying a Christmas dinner in front of the telly came about after the man shared his love of 007 with a passing photographer.

Photographer Donal Moloney snapped the image of Martin, who lives under a bridge in Dublin, on Christmas Day after inviting him to come watch the latest James Bond film in his studio.

“I was speaking to Martin last week and I asked him if there were any films he liked,” Donal told independent.ie.

“He said he loved the James Bond films… so I figured I’d have him around to watch one of the new ones.

“It’s likely the last time he saw one of the films it was Sean Connery, so Daniel Craig was a big surprise.

"He absolutely loved it.”

Donal struck up a friendship with Martin after they first met two and a half years ago, when he begin a project documenting homeless people in Ireland.

“He’s an interesting fella – and I’m always learning a little bit more about him whenever we talk.

“I’ll probably never know his complete story but from what I gather he’s been homeless now for close to 40 years.

Martin told me recently that he likes James Bond. Couldn't resist serving it to him with his Christmas dinner yesterday.

Posted by Donal Moloney Photography on Saturday, 26 December 2015

“He says he enjoys the outdoors and is happy with his life, so I guess he’s one of the few homeless people who’ve chosen this life by choice.”

According to the photographer, Martin spends most of his time reading in libraries across Dublin and is well known for his habit of feeding the city’s many pigeons.

“Often you’d be speaking to him and he will go off on a wonderful tangent about something – he’s so full of positivity you can’t help but admire him.

“He’s a lesson to us all - he doesn’t have any of the stress that you and I have to deal with in our everyday lives.

“For him, it is all about survival but he doesn’t let it get him down. He’s happy with his life.

“Once I asked him about all the homeless people on drugs or addicted to alcohol, and he just laughed and said ‘Yeah, I should be too.”

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The image of Martin enjoying Christmas dinner has been widely praised online, with many people saying they were delighted by his gleeful expression .

“Deadly photo!! Look at his eyes!! Brilliant photography,” said one user.

While another wrote on Donal’s professional Facebook page: “Martin, just lovely Donal hope you both had a lovely day xx.

“Does this man have any idea how many people love him? Thank you, Donal, for sharing the gift of Martin with us,” posted another.

To see more of Martin, visit 'The Many Faces of Martin' here.

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