Friday 24 January 2020

Taking the p***? Dublin pub offers €100 reward for return of Trump urinal decoration

Donald Trump decorated the urinal at Adelphi bar in Dublin
Donald Trump decorated the urinal at Adelphi bar in Dublin
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A Dublin pub is offering a reward for the return of a print of Donald Trump which decorated their urinals.

Adelphi on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, posted the news of the theft of the poster to Facebook with an offer of a €100 bar tab for its return.

The (obviously laminated) poster had decorated the back wall of the men's urinals since August last year and provided a welcome target for men who had to relieve themselves.

"We put it up last August and it was loved by all that visited the men's rooms but clearly one person loved it more than most!" manager Tony McCabe told

Apparently it's not a marketing ploy.

"It was really stolen - we find it hard to believe," he said.  "One of our barmen recalls a guy in on Monday asking many, many questions about it so he is top of our list [or potential thieves]."

Tony's Facebook post pleads for Donald's return and you stand to bag €100 worth of drinks if you're the person to reunite Donald with his natural home.

"Our bathroom is just not the same without him and the enjoyment of using the urinal without Donald's face on it has left us feeling sad," he wrote.

"So please can you put the word out and help get Donald back to us."

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