Sunday 15 September 2019

Police called on Halloween to move 'men dressed as traffic cones, blocking the road'

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Clare Cullen

The police were called in Kingston after a group of friends dressed as traffic cones blocked the road, just like traffic cones.

Kingston police tweeted the call out log, which read "males dress as traffic cones, blocking the road like traffic cones".

They good-naturedly wrote that it was "a very interesting Halloween call out for our emergency response team".

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, a spokesperson for the police said that while the act had "a dangerous side to it" as the men were standing in the middle of the road, "we are human beings and we do find things amusing".

Twitter user 'Dan' replied to the tweet and graciously supplied a photo of the errant group.

"They were just standing in front of the taxi and the bus not letting them get past and taking pictures of themselves", he told the Evening Standard. "I saw it and it made me laugh".

The call was placed to the police at 4am on November first - technically not Halloween anymore, though try telling the cones that!

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