Wednesday 21 March 2018

People have noticed something a bit odd about this Bank of Ireland guide

Bank of Ireland guide to online and phone banking
Bank of Ireland guide to online and phone banking
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

People have noticed something not quite right about Bank of Ireland's guide to online and phone banking.

The guide features an image of a barefoot lady in ripped jeans ostensibly using a smartphone while curled up on a sofa.

So far so snoresville, until you take a closer look at the phone.

It appears to be upside down, and possibly backways.

People have taken to Reddit to discuss the apparent mistake.

"I do believe that this phone is upside down... Actually the more I look: is she looking at the back of the phone?" says one eagle-eyed Redditer.

"Might explain that slight 'WTF am I supposed to be looking at here?' expression on her face."

Another agrees, "Is that phone upside down AND backwards?  Sigh, at least there was an attempt."

Bank of Ireland guide to online and phone banking

After much observation and analysis the conclusion is made that it's possibly "an iPhone 4 or 4DS with an orange bumper on" and it's "deffo upside down".

Of course it's not long before other details emerge.

"Did ye notice the jeans are ripped 'there'?" says one as the conversation turns to the lady herself.

They also commented on her "nice feet" and the fact that her right hand looks disproportionately large.

"Looks like she had an Apple or Samsung phone and they had to photoshop it out," writes one contributor.  "As the sweet moron above me pointed out, her hand looks fake. And i choose to digress and agree with him."

One or two people may have spent a tad too long staring at the image...

"why is that plant talking to her?"

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