Thursday 14 December 2017

Oregon militia ask for snacks from supporters, receive vibrators

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

In a video on Facebook, the leader of the 'Oregon militia', Jon Ritzheimer, has gone on a rant about the "mindblowing" things they've been receiving in the mail .

In the video, Ritzheimer goes through a small selection of the items received by the group after they posted on Facebook asking for supporters to send them supplies and snacks.

"We went and picked up some mail that came in from supporters.... we got an abundance of hate mail".

"My mind is blown that people would spend their money on this... ridiculous stuff".

It's sad that there are people who would spend this kind of money on this rather than spending it to do good in the world. I'm done living in fear of an oppressing force. I'm going to uphold my oath to the Constitution and sleep great at night knowing that I did everything in my power to ensure what our founding fathers did for us will not be lost. To my family, I love you very much and I am sorry I can't be there with you. Please look at this as a deployment, only this time I'm actually serving my country rather than being sent over seas to line the pockets of corrupt politicians. It is our sacrifice as a family that will make this country great again, not some election. And we are not alone. I am among some of the most honorable, and selfless people I have ever met. People who are dedicated to making the same sacrifice for this country. Read the constitution people. Get educated and don't let your rights be taken. If your a Patriot and you feel the calling in your heart then all I can say is follow your heart. Don't let the fear consume you. We all have lives but if we don't make the sacrifice what kind of country are we leaving for our children. The status quo can't go on any longer. We either take a stand against tyranny or we fail. Come be a part of history. And I am so proud that our country has become civilized enough that we can bring about change and right this wrong without any bloodshed. America is blessed.

Posted by Jon Ritzheimer on Monday, 11 January 2016

He shows a long, large vibrator to the camera before picking up a small bag of phallic-shaped jellies.

"This one's really funny... a bag of d*cks", he says sarcastically.

"Rather than doing good, they spend their money on hate, hate, hate".

Earlier this month, Reddit users had come together to plan what to send the group.

The most popular suggestion was to send a 'glitterbomb' via the website, but one user did suggest sending the group the phallic sweets.

Sweeping the packages onto the ground, Ritzheimer said that the group are "not going to let your hate mail sidetrack us" from doing "good for our country".

"Want to be part of history in the making, come here and be a patriot. Stand up for your country, do what's right".

Writing to his family, Ritzheimer asked them to "look at this as a deployment, only this time I'm actually serving my country rather than being sent over seas to line the pockets of corrupt politicians".

"It is our sacrifice as a family that will make this country great again" he added, "not some election".

Early this month, a photo was tweeted by Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Amanda Peacher which shows the group's supplies were running relatively low which prompted the call to supporters for help.

Posting on Facebook, member Blaine Cooper asked supporters to please send on "snacks or anything that may be useful to this stand".

"We do not stand for fame or fortune. We do this for our children and for their freedom. We do this for your children and their freedom".

Users of the Reddit plotted to send them a number of other, more sparkly, items instead, including sparkly nail polish, glitter and Taylor Swift's 'Wonderstruck' perfume.

Reddit users plan to send glitter and Taylor Swift's perfume to 'Oregon militia'

The group are protesting the "tyranny" of the federal government and are occupying a federal wildlife reserve in Oregon.

Their aim appears to be to get the federal government to turn over government-owned land to locals, as reported by Vox.

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