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'Oh For flock Sake, some Farmer's been fleeced' - Best reaction to RTE News story about Kerry farmers' missing sheep


Farmer Mikey on RTE News

Farmer Mikey on RTE News

Farmer Mikey on RTE News

Two Kerry farmers appeared on RTE News last night to highlight the theft of up to 60 sheep from their flocks on Mount Brandon in Kerry and the segment received quite the reaction on social media.

The story received quite the reaction on social media, not least because farmer Mikey Joe O'Shea boasts a strong Kerry accent which proved indecipherable to many viewers. 

Mikey told his story and reporter Sean Mac An tsitigh then revealed the gist of it - Mikey is "convinced over 45 sheep have been stolen" while his neighbour reported another 10 ewes missing.

"It's not all that difficult," said his neighbour. "All you have to do is have a good dog, have a good dog, go at night, moonshine night."

While Gardai in Dingle are investigating the crime, which unfortunately means a loss of income for the farmers, many viewers took to Twitter to discuss the farmers and their sorry tale.

Needless to say the story was ripe for puns...


However, it was the farmers' accents which garnered most attention...


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