Friday 19 January 2018

Nine easy, last-minute DIY halloween costumes you can make at home

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

With less than twenty-four hours to go until the big night, here are six easy, quick, last-minute (and fairly ridiculous) Halloween costumes you can throw together from things you already have in your house.

1. Netflix and Chill

You'll need a red tshirt, a marker and a bag of ice. Just write 'Netflix' on the tshirt and carry around the bag of ice for as long as you can. An alternative is to carry around a bag of bubble wrap instead - that would last longer.



2. Dead You

Just dress normally and paint your face white. Put black eyeshadow around your eyes and throw in a few eyeliner 'scars' for good measure. That should do it.

Here's an easy 'skull face' tutorial which you can do with just black and white eyeshadow.


3. Death

Drape a black sheet around yourself like a cape with a hood, secure with a belt. keep the hood part up all night, people will get it.

Especially if you add the above 'skull face'.


4. The Buckfast Monk

Do the same as number four, but with a brown sheet. Secure with a belt or preferably a bit of rope. Carry a bottle of Buckfast all night. People will get it.


5. Kate Middleton

Wear a wrap dress with kitten heels and a blowout. If possible, add a giant blue ring on your wedding finger. Queen wave at people all night. People will get it.

Addition: If you have an old doll lying around, carry that and call it George all night. People will get it.



6. A Spice Bag

My personal favourite, this one needs brown paper and preferably a dog toy shaped like a piece of chicken. Just wrap yourself in the brown paper bag and hold the dog toy all night, people will get it.

Addition: If you have any trophies lying around your house, sellotape a piece of paper over it and write 'Ireland's favorite takeaway' on it. People will get it.

Of course, you could always go as a 'sexy Spice Bag', which would involve wearing a brown dress and telling people you're a Spice Bag.



7. Pretty Princess

Any male who is related to a female that still has their debs dress, this is your chance to be a pretty princess for the night. Ladies, you can of course use your own debs dress and be a princess but it's much, much funnier when a man does it.


8. Corpse bride/couple

Anyone who has gotten married in the last year, just repurpose your wedding outfits and paint your faces as zombie above. Simple!


Add your simple, easy DIY Halloween costume in the comments below. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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