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My cultural life: Faye Dinsmore


Faye Dinsmore

Faye Dinsmore

Faye Dinsmore

Faye Dinsmore is a model and the founder of a knitwear label. She lives in Dublin in a large house that she shares with husband Paddy Cosgrave and their son Cloud Valentine, as well as four others. She has worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years. She is part of CREATE, which launches in Brown Thomas Dublin on Tuesday - the annual celebration of the best, most exciting Irish designers today.

Music: Raffi

He's a Canadian folk singer for kids and I've listened to him more than anything else in the last three years since my son was born. His Motivational Songs are literally for these times. I miss singing along to live music most at the moment and I miss dancing wildly in a loud, packed club and the hedonistic luxury of it. Most likely it wasn't really like that, but that's how I remember it!

Book: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

I don't know when it happened but for a while scrolling on my phone replaced reading at night time and I've had to actually take action. Of course, I sought out and read all the latest brilliant Irish fiction and then by chance, randomly, came across City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert and it was just absolute fun, and I loved the protagonist, a total wild woman who loved life and loved herself and stood in total contrast to the now ubiquitous heroine.

I was also given Nuala O'Faolain's Are You Somebody? and was massively taken by it - it was the sort of book that, when you're reading it and for weeks after, it's all you want to talk about and you can't believe there are people who haven't read it or don't feel as moved by it as you are.

Design: Nature

I've always been a fan of the outdoors and nature. I have a need to be outdoors. So, when it comes to design, I'm just constantly in awe of nature and the beauty of the patterns and colours you find everywhere, from a shell on the beach to a tiny seed. I go outside to my garden every morning and check everything for the next unfurling bud or to look at the way water rolls around on a sedum or the patterns on a cabbage leaf... even the design on the back of my enemy, the cabbage caterpillar - fascinating if you look closely.

Art: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

I graduated in January from a History of Art course I took in Trinity and this was supposed to be my year of travelling around visiting galleries and museums across Europe. I knew nothing about art at all and still know very little, but I loved that class for the introduction to art it gave me.

I can't believe that when I was younger and spending so much time working in different cities, I rarely visited their galleries. I never even admitted that in all the time I spent in Madrid, I went to the Prado once and that was just to have a quick run around. Or, when I lived in Paris, I only ever took visiting friends to the Louvre.

Anyway, that has little to do with any specific piece of art and more of a confession of my youthful ignorance, which I hope to rebalance when the world opens up again and we can travel.

Video of the Day

As for a specific artwork, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, it's just so pretty and romantic.

Festival: Another Love Story

Music, art and lots of chat (outside of Covid-19) at Killyon Manor in Co Meath.

TV: Hollywood

I haven't been watching a lot of TV but I watched Hollywood on Netflix and quite enjoyed it as light entertainment. I guess when the world seems to be totally falling apart at the moment, I'm seeking refuge in fluffy books and TV and hiding in my garden, ignoring everything else!

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