Thursday 19 September 2019

'Massive' snowball fight potentially taking place in Dublin

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An eager Dubliner is calling on northsiders and southsiders to gather on O'Connell Bridge tomorrow for a "massive snowball fight".

The 'unofficial' event was set up on Facebook earlier today, with over 2,000 people expressing an interest.

The event reads: "North v South in a vicious snowball fight to the death! Your chance to crack some 90 mile per hour curve balls off of Southsiders foreheads!! Who’s in?

"Please note that this is an unofficial event however there may be rogue snowballers loitering the streets and we may put snowball snipers in place on the day to absolutely lash any southsider out of it that tries to cross O’Connells Bridge so cross at your own have been warned!"

Clearly set up by a northsider, the event is scheduled to take place at 3pm tomorrow.

Met Éireann has forecasted up to 6cm of snow for the capital tomorrow, making it the perfect weather for a snowball fight.

Who do you think would win?!

Keep safe and warm, but if you are out in Storm Emma we'd love to see your photos and videos. Send by email to or Whatsapp to 0871847169

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