Sunday 19 January 2020

'Jersey Pullers welcome' - Coppers is encouraging romance among revellers following All-Ireland final

The 'jersey-pullers' sign outside Copper Face Jacks
The 'jersey-pullers' sign outside Copper Face Jacks

Copper Face Jacks is encouraging "jersey pullers" to visit the Hartcourt Street nightclub following Saturday's All-Ireland rematch.

County-colour wearing customers are a common sight in Coppers, especially on All-Ireland football final day.

Libidinous party-goers, cheap drinks, dodgy chat-up lines and even cheesier floor-fillers are part of the familiar scene that makes the club so popular, as people go to let their hair down following the tension and excitement of the big day.

Ahead of the match today, AIB - sponsors of the GAA - have merged the championship with Coppers and projected text on to the Hartcourt Street club's front which read: "Jersey Pullers welcome".

In case you're not familiar with the term "jersey-puller", it refers to people who find themselves attracted to men or women in a sports jersey.

See ya in Coppers.

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