Monday 19 March 2018

'It's the simple things' - today we're sharing our horror public transport stories

Early morning Chipsticks, Luas passenger fear and stray toenail clippings - do you have a horror public transport story?

Do you have a horror public transport story?
Do you have a horror public transport story? Newsdesk Newsdesk

It's the simple things that can send you over the edge on the early morning commute.

Not only do you have Worzel Gummidge hair from running from the Park n' Ride to the train station in the wind and rain, and your yogurt has already spilled in your bag, but the worst is yet to come.

Other passengers. And their disgusting habits.

On a jammed packed old inter city train travelling from south Ireland to inner Dublin, morning breath and harsh coffee are the smells you've just about managed to come to terms with in the enclosed space.

But when the person you've awoken from their comfortable position lying across two seats, just so you can perch on the edge beside them, proceeds to open a packet of CHIPSTICKS, the stomach churns.

I realise that other commuters have woes of vomit and faeces to tell but, as I said, it's the simple things. And, don't get me wrong, plenty a bag o' cheap crisps I've eaten with a raging hangover.

But not on a packed train going to work on a Wednesday morning. Wiping crumby hands in trousers and licking fingers occasionally.

For the day that's in it, 10 years since the birth of the hashtag, let's all share our #commutercrises

Have a horror commuter story and want to have a rant? Post them in our comments below, or on our Facebook page, and we'll share them here.

"I was travelling on the Green Luas when a teenage girl who had clearly been drinking said she liked the ring I was wearing, asked where I got it, and then told me she wanted it. 

When I said 'You can't have it' she said, 'Why' and I replied, 'Because it's mine'.  

She then told me she was going to smash my head through the window of the LUAS and take it and what did I think of that?  She had two friends with her and they had surrounded me on the four seats so I was trapped. 

Everyone else in the carriage completely ignored the whole thing. I was terrified but I told her I'd rather she didn't [smash my head through the window] and I just wanted to get home to Blanchardstown, which is where I was living at the time.  She told me she also lived there and I chatted to her and pretended to be from the area originally. She eventually said, 'You're alright you are' and wished me a nice evening.

Living in Blanch saved my bacon" - Aoife


I was on the Enterprise train heading to Newry sitting in the dining carriage with my headphones on listening to music.

As we approached Dundalk I began to notice the passengers around me staring in my direction and covering their noses. I had a cold at the time so my sense of smell wasn’t great, I Initially thought someone had dropped one and I was prime suspect for it.

I took a paranoid glance over my shoulder, to convey it wasn’t me, when I noticed the man sitting behind me, who had been drinking cans of cider when I arrived, had puked all over the place. It was on the table, the seat and the floor. An exclusion zone had quickly formed around him in the packed  train, with many passengers clearing out of the carriage altogether.

He eventually made his way to the toilet, but not before puking again in the area where the carriages join up. 

The poor train staff had to come in and clean the mess, visibly retching  with the smell.

On the plus side, the passengers left in the carriage, including myself, were taken through and given seats in First Class by the train manager.

Not a bad way to end a nightmare journey on public transport! - Garry

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"I generally avoid the so-called 'bag of cans' banter at the back of the bus, but was limited in my seat choice one day and sat two rows from the back of the Dublin Bus, number 79. Scrolling through Instagram, I suddenly heard a familiar 'snip, snip' sound that I couldn't quite place.

Turning around for a quick look, I was shocked to see a man sitting in the centre of the back row holding one of his bare feet up on the seat and cutting his toenails. Stomach churning, I turned back and prayed I wasn't going to feel any stray clippings flying through the air! - Denise



Once i saw a dude cutting his nails in the bus (hands not feet). Nails were flying everywhere but nobody seemed to mind. Another time some teenagers were rolling a joint in the bus. One of them even lit it for a brief time like waiting for somebody to say something. Saw a couple of small fights too. It's worth mentioning that those are rare cases, i find the public transport pretty good here.


Old Man Winter

Downstairs on a bus on the back seat using the seat facing in front for feet. That is my absolute hate on public transport. Always someone who stretches out their feet with dirty shoes onto the seat in front. Completely does my head in.



I've seen people smoking heroin on the 27, then vomiting. Countless scum ignoring the no smoking signs, fights and agression



I had the same with a scrawny little scrote on the red line. Said he liked my phone, that it was his and he'd like it. So I invited him to come and get it - me being 1.90m (6'3") tall an weighing 100kG (15 stone plus), he elected not to. Fair play to him for trying though.


Had an addict on the bus start picking his scabs then wiped the blood away with tissues and left them behind on the seat. The driver couldn't do anything until he got the bus back to the depot. - Ciara

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