Sunday 19 January 2020

'It was the most Irish thing ever' - David McSavage gets stuck up a tree after ladder owner scarpers

David McSavage
David McSavage

David McSavage has revealed he got stuck up a tree when the owner of the ladder he used to climb scarpered and left him stranded.

The Irish comedian had decided to help locals trim branches used by magpies near his home in Portobello in Dublin when the incident happened.

McSavage (49) told the Irish Sun that a workman with a van and ladder was helping a local man with the task when he got involved.

The workman used his ladder to climb the tree and start sawing but he dropped the saw and went to his work van to get another.

At this point McSavage climbed his ladder and took over the job.

Speaking to the newspaper, McSavage revealed, "This guy who had been doing the cutting got upset I was sawing branches, and said I had no business being up in the tree.

"The guy warned me if I didn't stop, he was going to take away his ladder.  So I said, 'go on you f***, take away your ladder, see if I care."

Unfortunately, the man followed through on his threat and removed the ladder before driving off in his van.

"It was the most Irish thing ever," he said. "There I was, with my dignity intact but left stuck in a huge tree with no way of getting down."

A passer-by took a photo of him in his unfortunate predicament but another local saved the day by moving his van so David could dismount.

The incident may well prove to be ripe fodder for a McSavage sketch.

The comedian is currently gearing up for an appearance in court on April 22 regarding non-payment of his €160 TV licence.

He told the Irish Sun earlier this week that his refusal to pay is down to the 'awful' standard of comedy on RTE.

“I refuse to pay my TV licence because the money will go to RTE, and they are not producing comedy. Their output is appalling and they have no respect or passion for the craft of comedy," he said.

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