Wednesday 19 December 2018

'It was like CSI Montrose' - Tubridy reveals RTE staff on 'high alert' as mice infiltrate campus

Presenter Ryan Tubridy Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins
Presenter Ryan Tubridy Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Mice are invading Montrose as building work on the RTE campus has disturbed their natural habitat.

Ryan Tubridy told listeners of his RTE Radio 1 show on Monday that the radio centre has been the first port of call for the fleeing rodents and admitted staff are on "high alert" for their furry friends.

Having complimented the Clonmel builders who are working on site for being "neat" and "clean", Tubs revealed that their digging is causing the problem.

"They've unearthed a lot of the ground near where will be our new neighbours, who we look forward to bringing over a bottle of wine and some cheese, or whatever people do when new neighbours move in, but maybe not the cheese," he said.

The device brings mouse control into the 21st century, Rentokil said
The device brings mouse control into the 21st century, Rentokil said

"I was told this morning that we have to be on high alert for mice."

There has been "great excitement" among the staff and it is, he said, "the talk of the town".

"I swear to God it was like CSI Montrose listening to them this morning describing the mouse that our friends on Ray's show were talking about, and we were talking about. It's the talk of the town here."

Tubs then joked he was propagating "fake news" when he suggested it could in fact be a rat.

"[I said] 'Are you sure there's not a hoard of rats running around the place?'  Do you remember what Vladimir Putin said about hamsters?  He said hamsters are just rats with good PR.  Maybe these are mice with good PR?"

Tubs admitted they're all watching to see what might scurry past them on any given day before setting himself up for a spot on I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! by revealing which creepies he can cope with, and which he can't.

"I can take spiders.  I can take snakes, but rats, no.  Mice?  Yeah, maybe, but all of them, gerbils, hamsters, any of those furry little.... no."

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