Tuesday 20 August 2019

Irish guy has no regrets about modeling male shapewear on daytime TV - even though he ended up on Gogglebox

Patrick McNulty modeled men's shapewear on Today with Maura & Daithi on RTE
Patrick McNulty modeled men's shapewear on Today with Maura & Daithi on RTE
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A segment on shapewear from Today with Maura & Daithi ended up on the last episode of Gogglebox last week making a social media star of Patrick McNulty on his modelling debut.

The 26-year-old Mayo man caused a stir when he modelled a men's vest from Irish shapewear brand Atir on the daytime RTE One programme.

The segment then made it on to TV3's Gogglebox, where the viewers were a bit bemused by the product and the fact that Patrick looked 'terrified'.

"I was, but to be fair it was my very first [modelling job]," he says.  "But the crowd at RTE and on the Maura and Daithi show were very nice and very relaxed and they were trying to make me feel more comfortable."

Patrick is a personal trainer and leisure centre supervisor at Breaffy House Hotel in Mayo, and met Atir founder Rita Mylett in the course of his work.  She asked him to try out the product several months ago so when it came to the segment on the Today show she asked him to be her model.

"I started laughing straight away," he says.  "I'd never done modelling before but after talking to a few people I said, 'Sure why not?  It's a new experience."

However, the segment was picked up by TV3's Gogglebox and Patrick was suddenly reaching a much bigger audience than he expected.

"When I first heard it was going on Gogglebox I was like, 'Oh dear God!' but at the same time I was like, 'sure why not?  It's only a bit of TV.  It'll blow over if it goes bad, or goes good. 

"It was surreal, though, because everyone watches it.  Everyone is home when Gogglebox is on and it's unreal the amount of messages I've got from friends and family going, 'how did you get on TV?' and 'how did you end up on Gogglebox?' and the next question was, 'when did you start modelling?' and then 'why did you start modelling?'"

Patrick says he laughed at the show, adding, "I thought it was going to be cringe but it was actually quite good.  There are a few memes and stuff on Twitter but that's fine.  It was my first time modelling so I was standing there going, 'Oh my God, what am I doing?'  But it was good."

He adds, "The way I see it is ride with it.  Why put up a fight against it? If I go with it it'll blow over and something else will happen on Maura & Daithi and it'll be the talk this week."

He laughs, "I'll probably never do it again.  But at the same time, if the opportunity came, sure why not?"

As for male shapewear, he says, "Once you get your initial reaction of 'Oh my God what is it?' over I think people are like, 'This is not a bad thing' which is the beauty about it."

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