Thursday 23 January 2020

'I’ll be meeting 24 lads.. that I’ve never met before' - The DoneDeal stag party find a replacement groom

The Roscommon lads have found a replacement stag. Stock Photo: Deposit
The Roscommon lads have found a replacement stag. Stock Photo: Deposit
Krakow Market Square, Poland
Dublin Airport

Sasha Brady

The lads from Roscommon have found a replacement groom to take on their stag-do in Poland.

The lads had planned an epic stag-do in Poland this weekend but they were missing a groom after their friend pulled out of the trip following an accident.

Determined to find a suitable replacement for their pal, they took out an ad in DoneDeal to find the perfect match.

Flights, hotel and beer were all included for the bargain price of €100 but there was one condition: the new groom must be "fit, healthy and good craic" and answer to the name of "Eamo".

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On Thursday, the groom revealed on The Anton Savage Show, that the lads had been successful in their quest.

Eamon Melia from Portlaoise answered the call and will be heading to Krakow with the lads tomorrow, replacing the real groom, Brian 'Eamo' Larkin (he wouldn't reveal why he's called Eamo, in case you're wondering, we were just told it's a "long story").

"I thought I would be OK for the stag, but unfortunately the doctor told me I can’t fly for six weeks – so I put it up on the Whatsapp group yesterday that I couldn’t go and Mike Leech, my groomsman, thought it would be a bit of craic to put up the ad looking for a replacement Eamo," Brian told Today FM listeners.

Krakow Market Square, Poland
Krakow Market Square, Poland

Then the new recruit got on air to explain how he got involved in the stag-do.

"I seen it there last night, I was sitting around with a few friends just flicking through Faceboook and I seen it shared on DoneDeal. We were laughing about it thinking that would be hilarious so I said I’d actually ring the number on it and see if it was a piss take or not," he said.

"So I rang it up and got through to Brian and he put me through to the best man and things started moving very quickly and now you know it I’m on a flight tomorrow with all the boys.

"I’ll be meeting 24 lads tomorrow morning [Friday] in Dublin Airport that I’ve never met before in my life. Have a few pints and head to Krakow with them."

Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport

But Brian reassured the new Eamo that he was going to have plenty of fun with his mates but warned him that they are “absolute headers”.

And on Sunday, they lads have arranged new Eamo to meet old Eamo, when they return from Krakow.

Sounds like quite the weekend...

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