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Waterford man among inventors of device to help you burn calories at your work desk





A Waterford man is among the inventors of a new device which aims to help desk workers to burn calories while working.

HOVR, can attach to your work desk and allows you to unconsciously burn calories and improve circulation while sitting at your desk.

It basically allows you to 'walk' while you sit and claims to burn 17% or more calories while at a desk compared to normal sitting.

"We're offering a cheap, healthier and fun alternative to a standing desk and our product has been certified and tested by Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois," says Adam Roylance who is involved in bringing it to the market with inventors Ron Mochizuki M.D, a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician, and John Godoy, a professional trainer.


"They concluded that working out 3-times a week wasn’t enough to offset the effects of sitting for 8 hours a day at work, and that current sit/standing desks didn't allow for movement and weren't cost efficient," adds Adam.

"5 years and countless prototypes later, HOVR was born.

"We're funding our initial production via crowdfunding, which went live this morning on Indiegogo," he adds.

Research has shown that it does not reduce productivity but improves circulation as it allows "multi-directional leg movements and leg swinging that mimic walking".

You can also connect it to a device which will track your movement, set goals for you, reveal how many calories you've burned and track your daily progress.

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