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Friday 18 October 2019

This genius device translates cats' meows into human speech

The Catterbox 'translates' cats' meows into human speech... sort of.
The Catterbox 'translates' cats' meows into human speech... sort of.
The Catterbox turns cats' meows into human speech

Sasha Brady

Finally, we can now understand the innermost thoughts of our feline friends.

The Catterbox is the invention every cat lover needs.

It was created on a 3D printer and uses a microphone, speaker, bluetooth and wireless to translate cat communication sounds like purrs, hisses and meows into human speech.

While humans will get a great laugh out of the device, we can't imagine cats will be too impressed that their complex thoughts will be broken down into a simple "hello" and "feed me".

Cats are, of course, much deeper than that.

The high-tech gadget isn't connected to the cat's brain so it can't possibly decipher its thoughts. Still, what's not to love about having a speaking kitty follow you around the house?

Like this little guy who has a lot to say.

"We’re fascinated by cats, so we set out on a mission to get to know them better," global brand director Pete Simmons told AdWeek.

"Through research, we learned that an adult cat’s meow is their way to communicate with humans and, by investing in this prototype device, we can start to improve understanding between them both - giving cats a voice for the very first time.

"At the Temptations brand, we are passionate about bringing cats and owners together. We have always done this through our treats, but we wanted to go one step further."

The 3D-printed collars come in four colours and are coated in rubber lacquer for comfort.

The prototypes recently launched in the US and New Zealand.

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