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Sunday 20 October 2019

The Internet is freaking out over this Irish father's invention that gets rid of spiders... without killing them

The Spider Catcher
The Spider Catcher

Sasha Brady

An Irish father has invented a clever gadget for getting rid of spiders... without killing them.

It was invented by Tony Allen, from Fermoy in County Cork, after he had spent years trying to remove spiders from his son Robert's bedroom.

His son had a real phobia of spiders and at the time the family were living in an old mill house with high ceilings - a haven for spiders to thrive.

Not wanting to kill or even harm the spiders, Tony came up with a way to harmlessly remove them and other pests from the house.

Tony Allen and his Spider Catcher
Tony Allen and his Spider Catcher

He came up with the Spider Catcher. The device looks like a mop but works by surrounding the spider with bristles that close around it, trapping it.

This anyone to pick up the spider, then release it outside with a trigger that opens the bristles, without causing the eight-legged critters any harm.

Allen said he also made sure the device was 65cm long in length, to allow kids to approach the spider “at a safe distance”.

It won the Gold Medal with distinction at the Geneva Inventors Show in 2006 and Tony has been making videos about his clever invention - formerly called Critter Catcher - since its launch in 2012.

However, a recent article in Insider caused the story to go viral when the news site posted a video of the device on April 12.

Since then it has nearly 90 million views and more than one million shares.

It retails at €12.95 but prices may vary across sites.

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