Thursday 27 June 2019

Snapchat rolls out new update and paid features - but are your pics at risk?

Clare Cullen,'s Social Media Editor, tries out the new lenses
Clare Cullen,'s Social Media Editor, tries out the new lenses

Clare Cullen

Snapchat have rolled out a new update which includes new selfie filters and a paid option to replay pictures.

Up until now, Snapchat has allowed one replay for free but the update allows users to pay 99c for the ability to replay a snap up to three times.

Up until now, each Snapchatter has been able to replay just one snap per day.

This new feature has raised concerns that users' saucy snaps will be more at risk, leaving users open to revenge porn. However, the replay will be limited to one per snap, up to three different snaps, for that price.

The new replay feature is only available for snapchatters in the United States.

The new selfie features include rainbows, a 'terminator' inspired filter and hearts for eyes.

More features include new 'trophies' for power-users of the app.

To use the new selfie filters, users place the phone on selfie mode, then hold down a finger on their face to make the options appear before snapping a pic. Users select one of the 'lenses' by selecting one from the row at the bottom of the screen.

In chat, users can now press and hold a chat to save it. Shared images will now appear as thumbnails which can be tapped to show in full screen.

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